Established brand introduces body analysis bathroom scales, fitness trackers and a fitness app onto the market

Soehnle Connect System kicks off in October with a large POS offensive

Germany's market leader in bathroom scales is entering the fitness sector on a grand scale. Soehnle is set to launch a variety of hardware and software for health-conscious people in October. The product portfolio includes three new Soehnle Connect bathroom scales in top design quality and three new fitness trackers, as well as a heart rate monitor chest belt. These trackers are the first of their kind on the market that have been tested and certified with the GS certificate of safety. The two fields are optimally linked by the free Soehnle Connect App, which allows users to capture, update and review their personal measurements, as well as compare these with their personal goals. Soehnle recommends a broad system placement for the trade in order to adequately showcase the new products. To this end, trade partners will receive a sophisticated shelf concept with POS tools such as product videos, a Connect demo board to offer users a live experience and a permanent second placement.

With Soehnle Connect, this established brand in measuring technology targets not only athletes, but also people who want to lose weight or simply pursue a healthier lifestyle. Controlling is important for all these target groups, because their aim is to know how successful they are. The Soehnle range has enormous potential. After all, every second German plays a sport (Forsa-survey, 2016) and as many as one in three people is a member of a sports club. Weight loss is also a hot topic among Germans. According to a 2015 Nielsen study, 52% of German citizens are trying to lose weight. And a whopping 86% of Germans are control freaks and love to manage their eating habits.

An important part of the new Soehnle initiative is the Connect App. Simple to operate and with clear presentation, it gives you an overview of your personal measurements. Whether you are at home, in the gym or on your way to work, you have access to the measurements at all times. With the Soehnle Connect App, your smartphone becomes a helpful assistant for meeting personal health and fitness goals. The app provides important information, such as the number of steps taken, calorie and sleep tracking, and heart rate. As a user, you have full control over your data – no registration required. The data is stored in compliance with German data protection regulations on your smartphone or a Soehnle server in Germany. Further information is available at

Let’s get connected with the new Soehnle Connect bathroom scales
If you are serious about living a healthy and conscious lifestyle, you need to keep an eye on your physical measurements. The three new Connect bathroom scales from the Soehnle range can help you do so. Your personal measurements are sent to the Soehnle Connect app via an integrated Bluetooth connection. The digital Style Sense Connect 100-bathroom scale (RRP: €49.99) is aimed at users who want focused weight tracking, including via a smartphone app. Your weight appears in extra-large digits on the screen, easy to read. In addition, the app can display your BMI as well as the difference between your last weigh-in and your target weight – extra functions for extra motivation. The Shape Sense Connect 100 (RRP: €69,99) and the Shape Sense Connect 200 (RRP: €89,99) body analysis scales are especially suitable for ambitious athletes who can handle an intensive weekly training schedule. These scales calculate your percentages of fat, water and muscle mass. At the same time, they provide you with information on BMI and daily calorie requirement. The Shape Sense Connect 200 premium model also compares your fat, water and muscle mass data with the average values of people in your comparison group.

Soehnle now also wants to conquer the fitness tracker market
They have arrived: Soehnle has entered the fitness tracker market with the launch of four new wearables. The smart fitness bracelets not only look cool, they are also functional and motivate their wearer to move more. The Fit Connect 100 fitness bracelet (RRP: €39.99) counts your steps, calculates the calories you have consumed and analyses the quality and duration of your sleep. The Fit Connect 200 HR fitness bracelet (RRP: €69.99) additionally includes an HR monitor. And if you furthermore want to store your training-related activity data in the fitness strap, the Fit Connect 300 HR fitness bracelet (RRP: €99.99) is the right model for you. It has 10 additional storage spaces for several training sessions. Another way of monitoring your heart rate is by using a chest strap. The Connect 100 HR chest strap from Soehnle (RRP: €39.99) is strapped around the chest just below the breast. Many runners swear by heart rate measurement with a chest strap, because this method gives you a particularly precise reading.

Everything at a glance with the Soehnle Connect App

The Soehnle Connect smartphone app gives you full control over your body and fitness data measured with the Soehnle Connect devices. According to a large international study by the market research institute GfK, health apps and fitness trackers are tremendously popular in Germany. One in four German Internet users already use them. In the buyer-relevant target group of 20 to 39-year-olds, this number even rises to every second person. The software is particularly popular because of its user-friendliness and modern design: thanks to self-explanatory controls, using the app is child’s play. Just one click and the results are clearly displayed, ready to be shared with friends via social networks. Unlike many other systems, the Soehnle Connect app allows full data control. You as the user decide for yourself whether you want to save your data only on your smartphone or also on the secure Soehnle server. Furthermore, the app provides motivating tips and recommendations for a consciously healthier lifestyle.

Soehnle supports their big product offensive with a 360-degree campaign. This includes sales folders, product commercials and displays. In online communication, the brand relies on content for its homepage, blog communication and Facebook. The launch is additionally accompanied by PR and media cooperation in popular magazines.


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