The market leader reinforces its identity and profile in the kitchen scale sector

Soehnle introduces a new assortment structure for its kitchen scales

Soehnle introduces a new assortment structure for its kitchen scales

With the introduction of a new approach to their assortment structure, Soehnle has opened up new possibilities for the presentation of kitchen scales in the trade. For its 150th anniversary, the market leader is focusing on a uniform, innovative design concept with a clear design language for all its scales. Ideal for all buyers of kitchen scales, the new product range is now divided into three assortment classes. Soehnle offers innovative, high-performance products with excellent value for money for all buyers – from entry level through mid-range and up to the premium sector. Further information is available at www.soehnle.de.

In response to the latest consumer research, Soehnle has narrowed down the consumer groups of kitchen scales even more precisely and has subsequently developed three product groups: In the 14.99 euro to 17.99 euro EUR (RRP) price range, the market leader offers compact and practical kitchen scales under the title Page Compact. The mid-price segment (RRP: 19.99 euro to 29.99 euro) have user-friendly scales of the renowned Soehnle quality that meet extra requirements, such as with regard to weight capacity or the size of the weighing surface. The higher priced scales that start at 39.99 euro (RRP) are offered in the group called Page Profi. These premium products represent the crème de la crème of innovative ideas from Soehnle and offer numerous features that are aimed at more ambitious users.

According to the latest consumer analysis, the Soehnle kitchen scales appeal to two target groups. “Pragmatic connoisseurs” who favour a traditional, Mediterranean cooking style prefer the scales from the middle and the lower price range represent about 43% of the population. The second group consists of passionate foodies who love to try new recipes and bake or cook very regularly. They make up about 32% of the population. It is for this group that the market leader developed the premium segment, which has three “hot sellers” in its portfolio: the Page Profi 100, the Page Profi 300 and the Page Aqua Proof, which was specially developed to be dishwasher-friendly.

The new kitchen scale assortment structure is furthermore characterised by its innovative and distinctive design. This includes screens with large numbers on the scales, an extremely slim design and green, non-slip standard feet.

The new assortment structure also has an impact on Soehnle’s entire POS presence, as it is easy to categorise on the shelf and speeds up the purchase decision. In addition, the strong brand presentation conveys the impression of expertise and builds trust in the brand. When it comes to product support, Soehnle’s demo presenter is an aid that brings the products to life. Product labels, POS videos and product stickers provide important information about product features.

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