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Leifheit launches new window and bath vacuum cleaner

Leifheit launches new window  and bath vacuum cleaner

Nassau, Germany, 13/02/2020 Finally, window and bath vacuum cleaning as it should be. The new Nemo window and bath vacuum cleaner by Leifheit is more handy than ever. Its ergonomic slim design ensures ease of use. In contrast to other vacuum models which have large tanks, the water tank on the Nemo is integrated into the handle which saves space. This therefore makes it possible to easily remove water off the glass all the way to the base of the window – and in one wipe. Made waterproof, the vacuum cleaner (IPX7 protection class) is also specially designed for use in the bath and shower. This means it can be stored safely in the shower cubicle. The RRP of the Leifheit Nemo window and bath vacuum cleaner is €69.99 (promotional price recommendation: €49.99). More information on www.leifheit.de.

Besides saving time, another particular benefit is its convenience. The household goods manufacturer Leifheit solves one of the most pertinent problems in vacuum cleaning windows with the Nemo window and bath vacuum cleaner (Monheim Institute 2017). Window vacuum cleaners often reach their limits when it comes to cleaning right to the bottom of the window edge or the shower floor due to the large rectangular tank getting in the way. With the innovative Nemo window and bath vacuum cleaner, Leifheit has developed a handy device with an integrated water tank in the handle to save space. Yet, not compromising on performance. On the contrary: The running time of the device is 45 minutes. This allows a surface of up to 130 m² on average to be cleaned.

Multiple use is a special incentive for initial trial buyers

The Nemo window and bath vacuum cleaner particularly appeals to initial trial buyers, who on the one hand place high value on a modern design, and on the other hand, simply want to buy this small window vacuum cleaner for the home. The secondary use as a bath vacuum cleaner extends the target group to existing owners of a window vacuum cleaner who are looking for an upgrade for their current device. Greater ease of use and multiple possible uses are important here. The Nemo window and bath vacuum cleaner is also available with a special bath nozzle for cleaning bathroom tiles and shower walls.

Secondary placement window vacuum cleaners are moving into the spotlight

At the market launch in January 2020, attention was drawn to the Nemo window and bath vacuum cleaner with attractive secondary placements in retail and specialist trade. Next to various displays, pillars and shelf trims, there will be glass panes to demonstrate the Nemo and showcase the benefits of how user friendly the vacuum is. Promotional marketing campaigns for the multi-use device is supported by videos for use in retail and online channels. Retailer advertising, online activities and PR opportunities are also planned. All communications have the following product brand message: “Effortlessly streak-free right up to the edge – now handier than ever.”

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