New: Floor cleaner with 2-in-1 power from Leifheit

Vacuuming and wiping in one

Vacuuming and wiping in one

Nassau, Germany, 31/01/2020 In January 2020, Leifheit launched the battery-powered vacuum cleaner, the Regulus Aqua PowerVac with 2-in-1 function, into the market. This now means the household experts have a brand presence in the rapidly growing category of wet & dry household cleaning products, where functionality and time-saving collide. The floors are reliably cleared of both dry and damp dirt in just one step. There’s no need to vacuum first and mopping is easier and thorough – and in just half the time. Its lightweight, slim construction and flexible design provide addedpracticality. The clever water spray function makes it suitable for use on any hard floor and a high-performance battery means it keeps running for up to 22 minutes. To celebrate the launch, Leifheit is offering retailers an attractive promotional price of 249.00 EUR. More information on www.leifheit.de.

Vacuum cleaners have been a vital cleaning aid in the home for many years. A vacuum cleaner is a comfortable and time-saving alternative, especially for apartments with hard wood floors, tiles, stone floors as well as PVC, vinyl and varnished wooden floors. Vacuuming and wiping in one go. It’s particularly hygienic because not only does it suck up dirt but mops the surface clean too.

The battery-powered vacuum cleaner has also proven its merits in practice: after use, around 70% of testers said they would choose the Leifheit battery-powered vacuum cleaner over a competing product. These results were compiled as part of a market research test.

Sophisticated technology for saving even more time

The MicroDuo cleaning roller made of 100% microfibres with gently protruding special bristles ensures deep and effective cleaning. Leifheit’s sophisticated brush technology is one of the brand’s key expertise, where bristle and fibre development has evolved over the last 60 years. The water release can be individually adjusted to the degree of dirt on the floor and the surface type, only by the touch of a button on the handle – there’s no need for carrying a bucket and it uses less water and cleaning product.

Two cleaning stages also provide optimally adjusted cleaning performance. Its integrated 2-tank system, a large 500 ml tank to hold fresh water and a 400 ml tank to hold dirty water, makes the Leifheit battery-powered vacuum cleaner different to other devices.

Greater awareness with the TV campaign

The battery-powered vacuum cleaner has been available on Leifheit’s online store since 15 January 2020. The introduction of the Regulus Aqua PowerVac is being supported with an integrated marketing plan. In addition to a TV campaign, which is planned for launch on stations with a wide reach such as RTL and ProSieben in the 2nd half of 2020, the plan also includes various POS measures such as permanent displays, product videos, shelf displays and demonstrations as well as PR and influencer campaigns. Its key communication statement is: “For easy vacuuming and wiping in one” – because cleaning floors has never been faster or easier.

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