The LinoPop-Up 140 from Leifheit has space on the balcony or in the smallest of apartments

The laundry dryer with the patent for “easy going”

The laundry dryer with the patent for “easy going”

Nassau, 02.01.2019. Small, but cool: The new LinoPop-Up 140 state-of-the-art rotary standing dryer is not only a real space-saver but also has the patent for lightness. It weighs only 3.5 kilograms and is built ultra-fast at just one push of a button. If you have a small apartment or want to dry your laundry on the terrace or balcony at almost any time of the year, then you will love the LinoPop-Up 140. From now on, the new laundry line is available in stores (SRP: €49.99).

In a small apartment, every square metre counts. Household helpers should therefore be efficient and easy to store. The LinoPop-Up 140 has a unique patented “one-handed operation”, which makes opening and closing of the rotary a breeze. Delivered with a protective cover, clean lines are guaranteed, even whilst being transported in the car or in the caravan. So, you can even take the rotary on holiday.

Although the rotary airer line is compactly small and handy, it has a line length of 14 metres, that’s space for drying more than one washing machine load of laundry.

As a true space-saver, however, it needs just one square metre of floor space. The XL outer line has a length of 110 cm — and is also suitable for larger pieces of laundry.

For eco-friendly reasons, a rotary dryer is the best way to dry laundry. It does not require energy and the fresh fragrance is almost supplied by nature itself. Incidentally, if the clothes dryer is set up outside or on the balcony, care should be taken that it is as airy as possible. The wind — and not the sun — is the decisive factor for drying. The laundry experts at Leifheit have something for everyone Another important tip to hand for those doing the housework: all laundry items should be shaken well before they are hung to dry to ensure that ironing time is kept to a minimum and is made easier. Dresses, blouses and shirts are best dried on hangers, because wrinkles are avoided.

What else you should know about rotary clotheslines

  1. Thick fabrics belong to the outside of the laundry line. Because these fabrics take longer to dry, and therefore they require the most “free space”. Turning and turning the laundry around speeds up the drying process.
  2. Dry the laundry in frost — no problem! In frost, it only takes a little longer — but the air must be dry. In frost, the laundry initially freezes, but later the ice passes directly to a gaseous state, and the laundry dries.
  3. If possible, do not hang clothes too tightly together. A line between should always be left free. This allows greater air circulation for the laundry to move better in the wind and dry faster.

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