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Vacuum sealing with Leifheit

Vacuum sealing with Leifheit

Nassau, Germany, 02/04/2020 Leifheit is expanding the smart kitchen product category in the spring: With the new vacuum sealing and sous-vide devices the well-known public brand is opening up new possibilities. In line with the current trend, the high quality vacuum sealers help keep food fresher for longer. Together with the functional sous-vide cooker, the current time(out) is optimally used –for gently cooking meals. Leifheit’s innovative product is consistent with social developments and at the same time remains true to its own brand essence. The new product innovations include the electrical vacuum sealer (RRP: from €54.99 and a sous-vide cooker (RRP:) €129.00). Further information is available at www.leifheit.de.

Leifheit is focussing on preserving food with these new kitchen innovations. Vacuum sealing not only retains freshness, flavours and nutrients; this is also an effective action against food waste. Jessica Fuchs, Brand Manager at Leifheit AG, explains: “Leifheit clearly supports a conscious and respectful approach to food with this product line. A statement against the generally criticised throw-away mentality. With our new products and a visual repositioning in the smart kitchen area, we are demonstrating that Leifheit is not just constantly generating new impulses in the areas of floor cleaning and laundry.

Professional equipment for vacuum sealing

Space-saving and practical: The vacuum sealing devices are available in three sizes. All enable fully automated vacuum sealing and exclusively have a sonic sensor touch display and a pulse function for bonding. The basic model, the Vacu Power 100 (RRP: €54.99), comes onto the market in May. The Vacu Power 300 (RRP: €79.99) and the premium model Vacu Power 500 (RRP: €129.00) are already available now. Accessories such as rollers and bags are available from Leifheit for after-sales purchase. Practical, supplementary vacuum boxes for electrical vacuum sealers are also available. These are particularly suitable for pressure-sensitive food.

Gourmet cuisine at home

Achieve gourmet cuisine at home with the sous-vide cooker: The cooker is simply attached to a pot with a clip. The temperature is controlled by the device itself. The exact target temperature and cooking time can be adjusted via the sensor touch display bymeans of the timer function. The light ring helps to indicate the current status at a glance. It flashes while the device heats up, light up continuously as soon as the target temperature is reached and the cooking process is running. When the device is switched off, e.g. when the cooking time ends or the water level drops below the minimum limit, the light ring goes off. Vacuum-sealed meat, fish and vegetables have never been cooked more gently and user-friendly.

Real additional sales for the retail trade

Attractive device prices allow Leifheit to offer extensive after-sales products in the Refill area with its new segment. For the retail trade, the innovative kitchen products represent –not just currently –highly relevant products of a well-known public brand, whose core competence lies in preserving. Leifheit supports the introduction with POS, online and PR measures.

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