Leifheit gives their kitchen range a fresh makeover

A new design gives Leifheit a fresh sales advantage

A new design gives Leifheit a fresh sales advantage

Nassau, Germany, 21/04/2020 Sales advantage with a new look: This is evident by the results from the online survey carried out by the household goods manufacturer Leifheit. A new modern colour combination was tested for the Kitchen range, with an anthracite-grey base and a new water-blue featured on the functional parts. Of those surveyed, a third not only liked and preferred this colour-way, but 12 percent where willing to buy. Throughout 2020, Leifheit is gradually updating its entire kitchen range. In addition, nine new kitchen products were launched in the brand new look, which have been available on the market since March 2020. For more information, please visit www.leifheit.de.

The Leifheit Kitchen range is being expanded with a practical potato peeler (RRP: €14.99, handheld and table spiral cutter (RRP: €14.99 and €29.99) and kitchen tweezers (RRP: from €7.99). Another new addition is a digital Meat Thermometer for use with roasting, frying and with the BBQ. (RRP: €19.99) as well as a hob scraper (RRP: €11.99). Regionally, also the Spaetzle pasta shaver (RRP: (€29.99) and the potato and Spaetzle pasta press (RRP: €39.99). Thanks to the new and modern look of the brand, the products offer a higher willingness to buy while maintaining the high comfort in handling. Henner Rinsche, CEO of Leifheit AG, summarises: “Leifheit’s innovative kitchen ideas in 2020 show that Leifheit is not only an expert in the area of floor cleaning and laundry, but is also creating new energy and impetus in the kitchen range.”

Seamless fit for existing layouts

The nine products can be integrated into existing layouts easily and in a timely manner. The introduction will be communicated through Leifheit’s own channels as well as classic PR measures.

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