In 60 years, Leifheit has developed a wealth of innovative products that save time and make housework even easier!

The household problem-solver

The household problem-solver

Nassau, 12.02.2019. When Günter Leifheit founded his company in 1959, he had a clear vision: “More free time with Leifheit”. The purpose of his household products was to make life easier. The time saved on housework could be devoted to enjoying the finer things in life. This remains Leifheit AG’s mission to this day. With innovative products such as the window vacuum or the manoeuvrable Profi floor cleaning system, hundreds of hours are saved on housework each year. Leifheit and its many inventions have made everyday housekeeping products more intelligent and efficient, speeding up housework and, even more crucially, making it a more pleasant experience. Little wonder, then, that in Germany alone, 25 million households now own at least one Leifheit product.

In a recent study by the Foundation of Future Studies in Hamburg, every German citizen now has annually almost 2,600 hours of free time: that’s more than seven hours a day. In the 1960s, German citizens had only a fraction of this free time. People back then spent an average of four hours every day just cleaning, ironing and cooking. Now, the average amount of time spent on housework is five to ten hours per week! Each day, this amounts from just one to one-and-a-half hours. This is according to an important study conducted by Leifheit in cooperation with the polling organisation Forsa in 2017. This reduction in the number of hours spent on housework has amounted to more than 900 hours of free time.

Technical housework aids, such as electrical window vacuums, “intelligent” ironing boards and efficient floor wipers, developed by innovative companies such as Leifheit, have made a significant contribution to this. One of these helpers is the Thermo Reflect ironing board cover with steam and heat reflection. Compared to conventional ironing boards, ironing can be completed 30% quicker. Another great innovation within the laundry care sector has been the development of the lightest ironing board, which features an ironing surface made from an ultra-light material. It therefore means that opening and closing the ironing board is incredibly easy.

Also within the laundry care range is the successful Pegasus dryer, a Leifheit innovation that offers consumers an advantage for drying laundry. Its table-shaped construction makes the dryer especially sturdy and stable and even when washing is only hung on one side, it continues to remain stable. These features make it more durable than most competing cross-leg products and is therefore a very popular choice with consumers. Within the Pegasus dryer range, Leifheit produces more than one million products in over ten varieties.

Right from the very start, Leifheit’s philosophy has been to optimise and make products more functional and user-friendly. The secret to its success over the sixty years has been recognising the problems consumers face – when it comes to housework – and helping solve these problems by offering the best possible product developments. In its sixty-year history, the company has created countless innovations and acquired approximately 400 patents under its belt – all evidence of its success. Many of these innovations and improvements came from its own staff. A total of 50 patents originated from Johannes Liebscher, who was the company’s first head of production and one of the first to join the Leifheit team. In 60 years, Leifheit’s technological prowess has paid off.

With sales of 237 million euros, the company is now considered one of the leading manufacturers of household products in Germany.

One in two rotary dryers comes from Leifheit

The best example which showcases Leifheit on the forefront of continuous product development and improvement is the Linomatic rotary dryer. It features many advanced technical details that are otherwise missing from competing products. In the past, a housewife constantly had to wipe the garden clothesline with a damp cloth before hanging out the washing. With the Linomatic, Leifheit offered a solution to this problem: hiding the lines within the rotary arms upon closing thanks to its automatic line feeder. It keeps the lines protected from dirt and cobwebs and ensures that they remain clean, ready for washing to be hung on. It also means the rotary dryer, with the arms closed, can be conveniently left outside.

Additional features that the Leifheit rotary dryer boasts of is that it is especially light, it can accommodate several loads of laundry at one time, and it can be quickly and easily opened and closed. A particularly user-friendly function which Leifheit has optimised is the ‘Easy Lift System’, enabling the rotary dryer to be opened with minimal effort. The workmanship, quality and durability of the Linomatic is just  as unique. With a market share of 56%, it’s no surprise that Leifheit is the overall leader in this category.

Just as impressive is the CLEAN TWIST system, developed by Leifheit especially for cleaning delicate floors such as wood, laminate or cork. The innovative rotation mechanism offers an effective and controlled method of spinning water and dirt out of the wiper cover, keeping it “damp” and preventing moisture damage to delicate floors. Even more conveniently, the device enables floors to be cleaned without needing to bend down or for hands to be placed into dirty water. With this patented system, Leifheit sets itself apart from conventional foot-operated systems.

A further solution was offered by the “Profi” floor wiper which made floor cleaning much easier and provided a generous saving of time. Its special 360° swivel joint makes it incredibly manoeuvrable and easy to handle. With these characteristics, it’s also one of the most stable wipers on the market. Leifheit’s product innovations have revolutionised the home and the world of housework.

Yesterday’s know-how informing the technology of today

Today, Leifheit continues to benefit from the technological expertise of decades past. The inspiration for the first battery-operated Regulus PowerVac 2in1 vacuum, which was brought to market by Leifheit in early 2018, was the Regulus carpet sweeper, which is still in production to this day. This sophisticated technology is informed by Leifheit’s expertise, gained from over 50 years of bristle and fibre development. Leifheit’s first vacuum, which features the latest electrical technology and a powerful battery, also benefits from the years of experience obtained from the Regulus carpet sweeper: Both devices are light (the battery-operated vacuum weighs just four kilogrammes) and are easily manoeuvrable and gentle in use. The electrically operated bristles ensure that any particles of dirt are removed from carpets and smooth floors alike.

During product development, the focus is consistently on the customer and their needs. Leifheit’s designers and product developers pay particular attention to ensuring that products are simple and easy to handle. The company slogan “How housework’s done today” stands for making housework less complicated and keeping the home “looking beautiful”. This is guaranteed through innovative ideas and a “Made in Germany” standard of quality. In the past, all products were made in Nassau, and this small town on the River Lahn remains key to Leifheit’s technical developments. Many successful products, such as the Linomatic rotary dryer, Columbus insulating jug, mop press and Piccobello floor cleaning system continue to be manufactured there. Leifheit also has its own production sites in Blatná in the Czech Republic, which also work according to the high standards Leifheit customers have come to expect.

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