The new Air Flow M Solid Plus ironing board from Leifheit for stress and wrinkle-free ironing

How even those who are tired of ironing get the desire to iron!

How even those who are tired of ironing get the desire to iron!

Nassau, Germany, 12/01/2019 Not many people enjoy spending a lot of time on ironing their laundry thoroughly. Anyone who still doesn ́t want to wear shirts, blouses and trousers full of wrinkles, now gets the opportunity to use the new Leifheit Air Flow M Solid Plus ironing board, which declares the fight against wrinkled clothes! In addition to the two-side ironing effect given by the Thermo-Reflect technology, Leifheit’s Air Flow also offers extra stress-free and gentle ironing for fine fabrics, shirts and blouses thanks to the Air Inflate function. Therefore, it shortens the ironing time on the one hand. and, on the other, additionally facilitates ironing greatly. The Air Flow M Solid Plus is suitable for all standard irons and steam irons and will be available from January 2019 (RRP: 124,00 EUR). With this product and some clever tips from Leifheit, wrinkle-free ironing is guaranteed.

An ironing board such as the Air Flow M Solid Plus includes a number of technical details that make ironing much easier and faster. For example, a clever inflatable mechanism inside the ironing board. An integrated fan inflates the cover and creates a type of ‘air cushion’ under the laundry so textiles can be ironed gently and smoothly over a billowed cover; a perfect solution for ironing delicate fabrics. This effect is supported by the thermo-reflect technology of the ironing board cover.

The unique cover developed by Leifheit reflects the steam and heat of the iron instead of letting it escape. Thanks to the double-sided ironing effect, the laundry is ironed from both sides at the same time.

Leifheit also made sure that the ironing board can be stored in a space-saving manner. Thus, it fits perfectly into small apartments. The ironing surface consists of an ultra-light special material — this results in the ironing board being lighter than any conventional model made of expanded metal. The Air Flow M Solid Plus weighs only 5.6 kg, and is highly stable and compact. This is ensured by a stable round-tube leg base, which is also height adjustable to establish the perfect personal ironing height, from 75 cm to 100 cm. The ironing surface measures a practical 120 x 38 cm. It also contains a fixed iron rest and a socket. The new Air Flow M Solid Plus ironing board is state of the art, so that ironing can be finished as quick and smooth as possible.

Leifheit Ironing Tips

To make ironing even easier and more efficient, Leifheit’s ironing experts have five tips:

  1. Iron from small to large areas Start with the “tricky” spots, for example, with the collar. Iron from the tip towards the centre — and: First iron the back, then the front.
  2. Avoid chemical ironing aids, as they often leave stains on the fabric.
  3. Only iron button strips from the back, because that’s enough.
  4. Special attention should be paid to the front when ironing — because here the “opposite” looks first.
  5. Shirts and blouses should be hung on a hanger to cool down after ironing to avoid mould developing. Close the top button, so shirts and blouses stay in shape.

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