With Airfresh, Soehnle introduces a new product portfolio of air purifiers, humidifiers and scrubbers

Good indoor climate is essential

According to the World Health Organisation, the air inside offices and apartments is up to 30 times more polluted than the air we breathe outdoors. This has given rise to a strong double-digit growth in air scrubbers, air humidifiers and air cleaners over the past years. Starting in October, Soehnle is set to launch three innovative products from the “Air Treatment” category under the “Airfresh” banner that offer impressively good value for money. These are the Airfresh Hygro 500 humidifier, the Airfresh Clean 300 air purifier and the Airfresh Wash 500 air scrubber. The Airfresh Clean Connect 500, an especially powerful air purifier with app connection, will be available from the beginning of next year. The products have GS (safety) as well as ECARF certification (allergy friendly). With this new product portfolio, Soehnle increases their expertise in the area of health and well-being. Further information is available at www.soehnle.de/en.

Despite the enormous growth in this category, only 3% of households have a device for cleaning and improving the air indoors. Air cleaners and similar products make an important contribution to health care. This is because the Airfresh products can reliably remove allergens, viruses, bacteria, pollen, fine dust and other particles through a multi-stage filter system. For example, the Soehnle air purifiers filter out 99.2% of all particles up to a size of 0.03 μm. This means a room with air that is practically free from pathogens and mould.

Clean indoor air optimally with the Airfresh Hygro 500Soehnle Luftbefeuchter Aifresh Hygro 500
The Soehnle Airfresh Hygro 500 air humidifier provides pleasant humidification in rooms of up to 50 m². The device is equipped with hygienic, efficient evaporation technology. The humidifier sucks in the air in the room, filters out larger particles such as hair and dust and enriches the air with water molecules. The humidified air is then distributed evenly through the room. The evaporation technology operates without heating of the water or ultrasonic nebulisation. The Airfresh Hygro 500 removes up to 99% more bacteria from the air than ultrasonic humidifiers. Using an integrated humidity sensor, the Airfresh Hygro 500 periodically checks the current humidity in the room and adjusts the fan speed accordingly when the readings are higher or lower. The current moisture value can be read on the illuminated LCD display. Once the desired degree of humidity has been reached or if the water tank runs empty, the device switches off automatically.

Soehnle Luftreiniger Airfresh Clean 300Clean and healthy air with the Airfresh Clean 300
The Soehnle Airfresh Clean 300 air purifier effectively removes 99.2 % of all allergens and pollutants up to a size of 3 µm from the air. This is done with a three-layer filter system – consisting of pre-, EPA and activated carbon filters – that removes bacteria, viruses, house dust, pollen, house dust mites and fine dust from the air. It makes the air purifier ideal for allergy sufferers, who can breathe freely and without any discomfort again after the cleaning process. Micro-organisms that are particularly resistant can be killed by an ultraviolet UV light, which is an optional addition to the system. Once the air has been purified, the clean air is blown back into the room. The Airfresh Clean 300 draws in up to 170 m³ of air per hour. It thus cleans the air in a 20 m² living or bedroom more than three times per hour. The timer can be set for 2, 4 or 8 hours, which allows for individual adjustment of the duration and intensity of air purification. In January 2018, another powerful air purifier with app connection to the Soehnle Connect system will be launched for cleaning rooms of up to 55 m². The Airfresh Clean Connect 500 sends air quality data via Bluetooth to the Soehnle Connect app, which can be used to display and evaluate the data in clear graphs. In addition, the Airfresh Clean Connect 500 can also be operated via the app.

Soehnle Luftbefeuchter Airfresh Wash 500The Airfresh Wash 500 Air Scrubber: the 2-in-1 device that not only cleans but also humidifies the air!
The practical Airfresh Wash 500 air scrubber from Soehnle cleans the air while humidifying it at the same time. In the first step, coarse particles such as house dust, fine dust, house dust mites, animal hair and pollen are removed from the air by means of a three-layer system consisting of pre-, EPA and activated carbon filters. In the second step, the air is passed into a cleaning drum that rotates in water. Here, more detrimental micro-particles are removed by being trapped in the water. In the third step, the cleaned air is distributed evenly in the room and hygienically moistened through evaporation technology. The air scrubber’s removable water tank can hold 4.0 litres of water. This is sufficient to clean and humidify air in rooms of up to 35 m².

Soehnle supports the launch of the Airfresh range through POS and marketing activities. This includes attractive, clearly visible packaging material, sales folders, product videos (from 2018) and brochures. The programme further includes online activities such as newsletters, Facebook advertising, competitions and blogger communication. In addition, print advertisements and PR measures are also planned.


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