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Get Moving with Leifheit’s New Mop Portfolio

Leifheit is now expanding its mop range with a strong duo for quick, simple floor cleaning. With the COMBI Press Disc Mop and the CLASSIC Mop, tiles and stone floors are sparkling clean in just one swipe. Thanks to its large contact surface, the COMBI Press Disc Mop in particular is even quicker and more effective than ordinary mops. The absorbent viscose strips of the CLASSIC Mop thoroughly soak up dirt and water and thus allow more time for the pleasant things in life. More information at www.leifheit.com.

COMBI Press Disc Mop: The first mop with an XL wringing disc
Dirt particles on the floor don’t stand a chance any more! Thanks to the 360° pro-hinge on the COMBI Press Disc Mop, you can now mop effectively in every direction. A further advantage: Even when the handle is at a flat angle, the mop is still able to utilise the entire contact area of the XL disc. This means that it is possible to perfectly clean even hard-to-reach places like under the bed or the wardrobe. The accompanying COMBI Press Disc Mop bucket system with sieve guarantees easy, convenient wringing without bending down or having to put your hands in the dirty water. The innovative COMBI Press Disc Mop has been available as a set or by itself since January 2016 (RRP: Set COMBI Disc Mop 24.99 euros; individual articles: COMBI Bucket 8.99 euros; sieve 4.99 euros).

CLASSIC Mop: A complete, affordably priced set for squeaky-clean floors
Spick and span floors in a single swipe: The CLASSIC Mop by Leifheit thoroughly soaks up dirt and water with its absorbent viscose strips. Particularly handy: The Leifheit CLASSIC Mop is available as a set (RRP: 14.99 euros) with a practical 12-litre/3.2 Gallon bucket and sieve attachment for wringing out the mop – without having to bend down or get your hands dirty in the used cleaning water.


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