Easy Spray XL from Leifheit is the easiest and most convenient way to clean floors "in between"

New: Comfort spray wiper for “in between” floor cleaning

New: Comfort spray wiper for “in between” floor cleaning

Nassau, 23.04.2018. Leifheit has an extensive and unique product portfolio in the field of floor cleaning. With the Easy Spray XL, the company is now launching a new comfort spray wiper that is particularly suitable for cleaning tiles, wooden floors, laminate and other smooth surfaces in between. This is made possible by an integrated tank and a spray nozzle on the floor wiper, which distributes the tank contents finely dosed on the floor. The cartridge can be filled with water or additionally with conventional cleaning agents. Further information is available at www.leifheit.de.

The Easy Spray XL is an addition to Leifheit’s “classics” such as the Clean Twist System, which has proven to be the ideal floor cleaning system in millions of households. The Leifheit comfort spray wiper does not need a bucket and the tedious wringing out of dirty water is no longer an issue. The equipment includes a 650-millilitre tank and an integrated spray nozzle. This distributes the contents of the tank optimally dosed also for the damp cleaning on the respective floor.

The 2-fibre wiping cover micro duo then ensures deep cleaning: Special bristles dissolve even stubborn dirt and its finest microfibres absorb it thoroughly.

Additional equipment with ready-to-use cleaning agents

Leifheit has developed ready-to-use cleaning agents for the Easy Spray XL in three different versions. These are available for tiles and stone floors, oiled and waxed parquet as well as laminate, vinyl and sealed parquet. The special composition of the cleaning agents in combination with the spray wiper enables “streak-free” cleaning with optimum detergent dosage. The cleaning agents are particularly effective when used several times: They increase the gloss, have a dirt-repellent effect on tiles andstone floors and protect wooden floors from signs of wear. The cartridges can be conveniently clicked into the floor wiper instead of the tank. The contents are enough for more than 300 sprays.

Integration into the standard range

The market launch of the Easy Spray XL is supported by comprehensive 360-degree communication. These include shelf and secondary placements with POS displays and demo tools as well as PR and online marketing activities. The Easy Spray XL is ideally integrated into the Leifheit POSshelf wall alongside the professional floor wipers for a broad target group appeal as a novelty for intermediate cleaning.

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