Leifheit AG: Eligible for French SME Equity Savings Plans


Press Release

Nassau, 02.07.2014 - Leifheit AG declares its eligibility to SME-PEAs, upon the request of the French Minister of Economy and Finance. The company declares that it fulfils all the criteria for eligibility to SME-PEAs (Decree No. 2014-283 issued on March 2014), i.e., that it employs fewer than 5,000 employees and has annual turnover of less than EUR1.5 bn or balance sheet assets not exceeding EUR 2 bn. These criteria apply to the entire Leifheit group.

The company’s eligibility enables Leifheit shares to be included in PEA-PME saving accounts which brings fiscal benefits for French residents.

About Leifheit

Founded in 1959, Leifheit AG is one of the leading European brand suppliers of household items. The company stands for high-quality, innovative products with great utility and pioneering design in the sectors of cleaning, laundry care, kitchen goods and wellbeing. Leifheit and Soehnle are among the best-known brands in Germany. Other than in the Brand Business, Leifheit AG operates in the service-oriented Volume Business via its French subsidiaries Birambeau and Herby. Taking into account its international branches, the Leifheit Group has around 1,000 employees in total. Additional information is available at www.leifheit-group.com/en/investor-relations.html.


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