Soehnle continues to expand its product range and becomes a health brand with metrology expertise

Soehnle launches its first blood-pressure monitors

Soehnle has launched a range of three blood-pressure monitors on the market. This Systo Monitor 100 is a lower-arm device and the Systo Monitor 200 and 300 are designed for use on the upper arm. All three monitors are available now. Two connected versions will follow in January 2018: the Systo Monitor Connect 300 and 400. For this purpose, Soehnle has also released a free app that can be used to save and process blood-pressure data — patients can then easily make this information available to their doctor, thereby greatly facilitating both diagnosis and further monitoring. With the launch of its new blood-pressure monitors, Soehnle has entered its third growth market within a short time period following the introduction of its fitness trackers and air-treatment products. The company is thus positioning itself as a health brand under the motto “choose a healthier lifestyle”. The expansion of the range underscores Soehnle's core competence in the area of “metrology” (measurement technology).

Each of the new blood-pressure monitors can store up to 60 sets of measurement data per user, thus enabling long-term monitoring over a two-month period. The devices in the Systo Monitor series are based on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) traffic-light scale, which classifies the blood-pressure measurements into “optimal”, “normal” and “hypertension”. Furthermore, the devices calculate the average value of the last three measurements. The entry-level Systo Monitor 100 (RRP: EUR 24.99) measures blood pressure via the wrist and, unlike many competitor models, also includes a motion sensor. This warns the patient in the event of excessive arm movement during the measurement to prevent inaccurate results. In addition to two users, an additional guest can also use the blood-pressure monitor without saving their data.

Soehnle’s premium model also measures cardiac rhythm
The Systo Monitor 200 (RRP: EUR 29.99) measures blood pressure via the upper arm. This method of measurement is particularly suitable for older people, whose blood vessels can become constricted by deposits. In such cases, measurements taken from the upper arm are even more accurate than those taken via the wrist. The premium model Systo Monitor 300 (RRP: EUR 39.99) also measures from the upper arm. It is also equipped with a motion sensor and detects cardiac arrhythmia during the measuring process.

In January 2018, Soehnle’s range of blood-pressure monitors will be completed via the introduction of the Systo Monitor Connect 300 (RRP: EUR 49.99) and the Systo Monitor Connect 400 (RRP: EUR 69.99). These two Bluetooth-enabled devices transmit the measured values to the Soehnle-Connect app, where they are stored and displayed in a diagram that provides the patient's doctor with valuable information for the subsequent therapy. Further information is available at

Extensive POS package for the launch of this new category
For the introduction of its blood-pressure monitors, Soehnle is offering retailers a promotional package consisting of sales folders, permanent displays and special demo boards. In addition, the company will communicate directly with end customers via a landing page, PR activities and online marketing using social media.


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