Leifheit’s new assortment of pressure-steam ironing systems

Full Steam Ahead!

Maximum ironing convenience for perfect laundry: The all-in-one systems Air Active M Professional and Air Active M Advanced by Leifheit guarantee wrinkle-free clothes in a much quicker and easier way. Both systems’ functions and features enable ironing up to 50% faster and more convenient.

It is all about Technology
With Leifheit’s ironing systems, ironing is not just fast, but also gentle. During the ironing process garment is filled with warm air to avoid unwanted wrinkles and pressure points. Additionally, a suction function takes care of remaining steam to guarantee not just perfectly dry clothes that can go right into your closet, but also helps with folding your clothes due to the garment pressed against the board’s surface.

Both pressure-steam ironing systems are made of ultra-light plastic, EPP, (expanded poly propylene) and are therefore easy to be put up or packed away. The boards include adjustable height and cable guard features. In addition, a collecting vessel takes care of condensed water and therefore guarantees drip-free ironing. All of these great functions and the Air Active Systems’ innovative construction makes ironing more fun and you will be done quicker and easier than ever before.

Both the Leifheit Air Active M Professional (RRP: 399.00 €) and Air Active M Advanced (RRP: 299.00 euros) will be available from May 2016 on.


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