We take our responsibility for the environment and the society in which we operate very seriously. For us, sustainable action is also a key component of our economic success. On the basis of these convictions, sustainability has been firmly anchored in our business processes for years. We invest in environmental protection, shape business relationships in accordance with fixed standards of conduct and support social commitment in our region.

Product responsibility

Our brands make promises: Leifheit stands for long-lasting products that bring ease and convenience to everyday life at home, while our Soehnle brand exemplifies precise weighing and measuring, pronounced ease of use and an appealing look. Our products must honour these promises, day after day, which is why we have the highest standards when it comes to the quality and safety of our products.

At the same time, we pay attention to the social and environmental conditions under which they are produced. We practise quality management, which encompasses both product quality and the standard of our production processes.
We define strict requirements concerning product safety, functionality and processing, as well as the material itself. We already monitor compliance with these quality requirements during the development process. To do this, we perform comprehensive testing on our products in our own laboratories or have this done by external testing institutes. When selecting our suppliers, we also pay attention to appropriate working conditions and quality standards, and check their compliance on a regular basis.

We naturally dispense with any planned obsolescence, which is a principle that is also reflected in the warranty periods for our products. Wherever appropriate, we rely on the use of solar cells and eschew built-in batteries.

Our focus is always on the satisfaction of our customers. If quality issues do occur despite our high standards, it goes without saying that warranty claims and complaints are processed by our consumer service team quickly and without red tape.

Social responsibility

The principles of corporate management at the Leifheit Group sometimes go beyond the statutory requirements. We therefore require our employees to observe the Leifheit Code of Conduct, which provides specifications for conduct that is in line with internal rules, applicable laws and other standards.

In cases of potential violations that they observe, our employees are required to notify their supervisors, the Works Council or representatives from the Human Resources department who are responsible for such matters.

We have similarly high expectations for our suppliers, and we have developed a Social Code of Conduct for them as well. It stipulates adherence to uniform working conditions – both within Germany and abroad. We thereby seek to ensure that the people who make our products or intermediate products are able to work in an appropriate and humane environment, wherever they happen to be. We regularly check compliance with our guidelines through on-site inspections at our suppliers’ facilities. More information is available under Corporate Governance and Corporate Management and Compliance.

Environment and resources

Leifheit AG takes its responsibility for the environment and resources very seriously. Our objective is to reduce the impact that we have on the environment and to conserve resources. Ecologically efficient processes lessen the material and energy intensity of products, lower emissions, and increase the recyclability and recycling of materials that are used. We consider aspects such as energy requirements, climate change, water scarcity and limited raw materials for every new project in logistics, production and the supply chain. We want to achieve more using fewer resources, and to develop long-lasting, environmentally friendly products with excellent quality. With regard to products that we produce in large quantities, a small reduction in the materials used leads to a considerable decrease in the amount of resources consumed.

In recent years, significant portions of in-house production at the Leifheit Group have been pooled at the Blatná location of our Czech subsidiary Leifheit s.r.o. In connection with efforts to expand production capacities, the Group also invested in a state-of-the-art power-coating facility there, which commenced operation in early 2017. Compared to the one previously used, the new facility enables us to increase production capacity by 40%. At the same time, we expect to cut energy consumption by around 15% thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology.

We conducted an energy audit in 2015 at the Leifheit AG locations in Nassau and Zuzenhausen. Afterwards, steps were taken to replace the entire lighting at the central logistics centre, including outdoor areas, parking lots and access roads, with energy-saving LED systems. Intelligent control solutions featuring motion detectors and light sensors were also installed. These efforts continued in 2016, which resulted in energy consumption declining further.

We also commissioned the new Leifheit Distribution Centre Eastern Europe in Blatná in 2016. With its help, we are able to supply our customers in Eastern European growth markets via short routes with a direct link to production. Apart from the location’s purely strategic advantage, it also reduces transport from and to our central logistics hub in Germany. We expect to cut our annual CO2 emissions by approximately 330 t solely on account of the new logistics satellite and by more closely integrating the manufacturing site into our European distribution logistics.

Social commitment

We are conscious of our social responsibility and feel closely linked to the places where we have established our locations, which is why we regularly support social, athletic and cultural projects there. As part of this commitment, Leifheit regularly sponsors various activities on both a large and small scale.

In particular, we expanded our commitment to promoting education and training at our headquarters to include an additional component: Leifheit is a partner to the private Leifheit-Campus (grammar school) in Nassau, which was founded in 2015. The Leifheit-Stiftung, which is a charitable foundation, is ensuring the school’s development and operation in its first several years with € 3 million in funding. The school is the result of a private-sector initiative and offers young people an excellent education in the region while counteracting the negative impact triggered by the closing of local state schools.
The grammar school is open to all gifted young people, regardless of their parents’ income. The school’s largest sponsor is the G. und I. Leifheit Stiftung, a foundation that is financed by the legacy of company founder Günter Leifheit. The main pillar of the partnership between Leifheit-Campus and Leifheit AG is financial support through a scholarship programme. In addition, we equip the school with our products and offer student internships, career guidance measures and presentations by our specialists on appropriate subjects.
We were deeply moved by the situation of refugees in 2015. We therefore decided to support the aid efforts spearheaded by the German chapter of Malteser International by making a donation in kind. The organisation received Leifheit products worth some € 35,000, which were distributed among 1,000 refugee families and numerous individuals as basic equipment and appliances for their households.

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